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Plug – Cloud based, multi-devices content provider


I’ve just come accross Plug, the new project from the ForgetBox team.
I think it’s really the kind of product which might interest you, so I thought it would be good to put you in direct contact with them.

In brief, Plug is a new storage solution which:
– introduces a new way to store data on electronic devices ;
– provides a protection against PRISM ;
– removes limits of size from computers, iPhones and iPads ;
– makes file sending instantaneous ;
– makes DropBox and iCloud useless.

They are launching in a few days and they are currently looking for press contacts to join the embargo.

Tell me what you think about it!



I am very proud (should I?) to say that this blog has hit 30000 views.

Top 10 countries:

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 4,583
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France FlagFrance 869
Italy FlagItaly 839
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 793
Japan FlagJapan 729

Thank you everyone.

Android Froyo and Busybox

I posted an article on how to build and install busybox on an ARM Android palteform.

Busybox is very, VERY, handy because Android doesn’t have all shell commands available on a classic Unix distribution. For example, ifconfig has a strange behaviour: one has to use the netcfg command in order to display available network interfaces.

See here.